Monday, October 11, 2010

Hi and welcome to lindsay lovely candles! make sure to check out my etsy site for all your holiday goodies:

In order to get more people following me, i am going to have a giveaway!!!!!!
you will be winning a sample gift pack!!! !It will contain some or all of these things. something made in paper, (cards, tags, etc), a candle, some soaps, something knitted, clay charms.

The drawing will go untill i have a total of 100-150 followers! These are the ways you can be entered into the drawing.

1. follow my blog! and comment here to tell me you did -1 entry

2. go to and tell me your favorite thing in a comment here- 1 entry

3. tell me what you would like to see new in my shop, be specific! comment it here - 1 entry

4. follow my twitter: comment that you did, and leave your twitter - 1 entry

5. fan me or add me on facebook:!/pages/lindsays-lovely-candles-N-crafts/115720235106466 comment here that you did with your FB username - 1 entry

6. buy something from my etsy shop! and comment here with your transaction - 2 entries :D

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