Monday, November 22, 2010

swap workshop!

does anyone have any good ideas as to what i should do with my blog? people do really cool giveaways, reviews, contests, promoting and a bunch of awesome stuff. please comment if you have any ideas. :)

i'd like to take this time to shout out about swap workshop! It is a great website where crafters trade their crafts and a swap can never be turned down! It is based on a points system, and their are hardly any fees. i have 5 things on the way so far and i can't wait to get them!

go join, if you like to trade you won't be sorry!

and please don't forget in referrals put -cakeordeath5 i would greatly appreciate it. :D

also you can "like" their facebook page:

and follow them on twitter! :

Take a look at our introduction and when you join you will receive free points when you list your first 3 items!

Swap Workshop

Saturday, November 20, 2010

giveaway winner!

First i want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! there will be more, i will be doing review and giveaways for anyone who wants to donate a prize :)

and the winner for the giveaway is...........kikisvintage! congrats! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hi and welcome to lindsay lovely candles! make sure to check out my etsy site for all your holiday goodies:

In order to get more people following me, i am going to have a giveaway!!!!!!
you will be winning a sample gift pack!!! !It will contain some or all of these things. something made in paper, (cards, tags, etc), a candle, some soaps, something knitted, clay charms.

The drawing will go untill i have a total of 100-150 followers! These are the ways you can be entered into the drawing.

1. follow my blog! and comment here to tell me you did -1 entry

2. go to and tell me your favorite thing in a comment here- 1 entry

3. tell me what you would like to see new in my shop, be specific! comment it here - 1 entry

4. follow my twitter: comment that you did, and leave your twitter - 1 entry

5. fan me or add me on facebook:!/pages/lindsays-lovely-candles-N-crafts/115720235106466 comment here that you did with your FB username - 1 entry

6. buy something from my etsy shop! and comment here with your transaction - 2 entries :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Item of the Day!


melting tarts  YOU CHOOSE THE SCENT

You will get 2 melting tarts. Let me know the scent. Same scent for both please :)

You can also choose a scent: *alphabetized*

amber romance type (victoria secret scent)
*apple blossom
*april fresh downy
*autumn lodge,
autumn magic,
autumn spice cake
*baby powder
banana nut bread
*bay berry
*be delicious type( the perfume shaped like an apple)
*be witched,
blackberry marmalade,
blackberry vanilla
*black cherry
blueberry cobbler,
blueberry patch
*buttered popcorn
*butterfly garden
*butt naked (fruit punch)
*cake bake
*campfire smores
*candy corn
*caramel apple
*cherry lemonade,
cherry vanilla swirl
*chestnuts & brown sugar
*china rain
*chocolate covered cherries,
chocolate fudge,
chocolate kisses,
chocolate milk
*christmas cookies,
christmas eve,
christmas nutcracker
cinnamon buns
*citrus mist special,
citrus sage
*clean cotton
*cookies N cream
*cotton blossom
*cotton candy
*cranberry marmalade,
cranberry orange
*cream cheese frosting
*cucumber melon
*downy lavander vanilla
*dragon's blood
*dream catcher
*elf sweat
*endless love
*fairy dust
*fall harvest
*french vanilla
*fresh pear
*fruit punch
*fruity rings (froot loops)
*fuzzy navel
*golden rose
*gran apple pear
*green tea
*hazelnut coffee
*holiday cheer,
holiday eggnogg,
holidays at home,
*hot cocoa
*hot fudge brownie
*jingle berry,
*juniper breeze
*key lime
lemon lime,
lemon meriengue pie
*lick me all over
*love spell (victoria secret scent)
*lucious cheesecake
*magnolia berry
*mango lassi
*maple sugar
*may bells
*merlot wine
*mid summer nights
*monkey farts (pina colada)
*moonlight path (bath and body scent)
*mountain maui apple
*mulled cider
*nag champa )incense)
*ocean mist
*orange dreamsicle
*passionate kisses
*patchouli (incense)
*peanut butter brownies
*pear spice
*pecan praline
*petit cheri
*pineapple upside down cake
*pink dreams,
pink sugar
*pumpkin pie
*rain forest
*reindeer poo
*root beer
*rose bouquet
*sage & citrus,
*season splendor,
*sex on the beach,
*sleigh ride,
*snow angels,
*spiced plum,
*spicy apples & nuts,
*strawberries & champagne (victoria secret scent), strawberry,
strawberry margarita,
strawberry musk,
strawberry shortcake,
*sun-ripened raspberry,
*sweet pea,
*three kings,
*toasted hazelnut,
*tropical coconut,
*tutti fruity,
vanilla bean,
vanilla crunch,
vanilla & fresh berries,
vanilla nutmeg,
vanilla passion,
vanilla velvet,
*victorian xmas,
*water lily,
*white oil tea & ginger,
*wild lilac,
*wildberry mousse,
*ylang ylang

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Item of the Day!

Hazelnut Coffee Cup Candle

hazelnut coffee cup candle

You will get this hazelnut coffee candle. It is in a real coffee mug! It smells just like hazelnut coffee! Yummy :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Item of the Day!

Love Spell Votive Candles
purple love spell chunk votive candle
For the price listed, you will get 1 votive chunk candle. Candle is votive size ( 2 x 2) and are purple and white chunks in color.The scent is love spell (the scent from victoria secret).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Item of the Day!

Hot Cocoa Candle w/ Marshmallows
hot cocoa candle w/ marshmallows

You will get 1 hot cocoa candle. It is in a real mug that has blue rings around the bottom. It smells just like hot cocoa, complete with marshmallows on top!

You can buy this yummy candle in my etsy shop:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Featured Item!

Today's featured item is.........
Cupcake Candles

adorable cupcake candle CHOOSE FROM 4 SCENTS
For the price in my shop you get to choose 1 cupcake candle. I can make them in buttercream, strawberry, chocolate w/ buttercream frosting, or a delicious creamsicle.

They are the size of a regular cupcake and they smell so real you will want to eat them, but DON'T because they are candles! :D

I can also make a bigger order for you. They are great to use for birthday party favors. I will also give you a good deal for larger batches. I can also do other scents for you.

To buy your cupcake candle today, go here:

Be sure to check out my other great items while you are there!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks for visiting my blog! Chances are, if you are here, you have seen my shop on etsy. If you haven't you can find it here:

My shop has mainly been full of wonderfully scented handmade candles. I am also starting to venture into other crafts, such as cat toys and thank you cards!

customize a candle of your choice

I offer full custom orders! You can customize the color and scent and they type of candles you want! The scents I offer are:
amber romance type (victoria secret scent)
apple blossom
april fresh downy
autumn lodge,
autumn magic,
autumn spice cake
baby powder
banana nut bread
bay berry
be delicious type( the perfume shaped like an apple)
be witched,
blackberry marmalade,
blackberry vanilla
black cherry
blueberry cobbler,
blueberry patch
buttered popcorn
butterfly garden
butt naked (fruit punch)
cake bake
campfire smores
candy corn
caramel apple
cherry lemonade,
cherry vanilla swirl
chestnuts & brown sugar
china rain
chocolate covered cherries,
chocolate fudge,
chocolate kisses,
chocolate milk
christmas cookies,
christmas eve,
christmas nutcracker
cinnamon buns
citrus mist special,
citrus sage
clean cotton
cookies N cream
cotton blossom
cotton candy
cranberry marmalade,
cranberry orange
cream cheese frosting
cucumber melon
downy lavander vanilla
dragon's blood
dream catcher
elf sweat
endless love
fairy dust
fall harvest
french vanilla
fresh pear
fruit punch
fruity rings (froot loops)
fuzzy navel
golden rose
gran apple pear
green tea
hazelnut coffee
holiday cheer,
holiday eggnogg,
holidays at home,
hot cocoa
hot fudge brownie
jingle berry,
juniper breeze
key lime
lemon lime,
lemon meriengue pie
lick me all over
love spell (victoria secret scent)
lucious cheesecake
magnolia berry
mango lassi
maple sugar
may bells
merlot wine
mid summer nights
monkey farts (pina colada)
moonlight path (bath and body scent)
mountain maui apple
mulled cider
nag champa )incense)
ocean mist
orange dreamsicle
passionate kisses
patchouli (incense)
peanut butter brownies
pear spice
pecan praline
petit cheri
pineapple upside down cake
pink dreams,
pink sugar
pumpkin pie
rain forest
reindeer poo
root beer
rose bouquet
sage & citrus,
season splendor,
sex on the beach,
sleigh ride,
snow angels,
spiced plum,
spicy apples & nuts,
strawberries & champagne (victoria secret scent),
strawberry margarita,
strawberry musk,
strawberry shortcake,
sun-ripened raspberry,
sweet pea,
three kings,
toasted hazelnut,
tropical coconut,
tutti fruity,
vanilla bean,
vanilla crunch,
vanilla & fresh berries,
vanilla nutmeg,
vanilla passion,
vanilla velvet,
victorian xmas,
water lily,
white oil tea & ginger,
wild lilac,
wildberry mousse,
ylang ylang

You can find more information about colors, scents, and candle types and pricing here:

Contact Shawn1030 on Etsy for help with your blog!

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