Monday, April 12, 2010

Featured Item!

Today's featured item is.........
Cupcake Candles

adorable cupcake candle CHOOSE FROM 4 SCENTS
For the price in my shop you get to choose 1 cupcake candle. I can make them in buttercream, strawberry, chocolate w/ buttercream frosting, or a delicious creamsicle.

They are the size of a regular cupcake and they smell so real you will want to eat them, but DON'T because they are candles! :D

I can also make a bigger order for you. They are great to use for birthday party favors. I will also give you a good deal for larger batches. I can also do other scents for you.

To buy your cupcake candle today, go here:

Be sure to check out my other great items while you are there!


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