Thursday, April 22, 2010

Item of the Day!


melting tarts  YOU CHOOSE THE SCENT

You will get 2 melting tarts. Let me know the scent. Same scent for both please :)

You can also choose a scent: *alphabetized*

amber romance type (victoria secret scent)
*apple blossom
*april fresh downy
*autumn lodge,
autumn magic,
autumn spice cake
*baby powder
banana nut bread
*bay berry
*be delicious type( the perfume shaped like an apple)
*be witched,
blackberry marmalade,
blackberry vanilla
*black cherry
blueberry cobbler,
blueberry patch
*buttered popcorn
*butterfly garden
*butt naked (fruit punch)
*cake bake
*campfire smores
*candy corn
*caramel apple
*cherry lemonade,
cherry vanilla swirl
*chestnuts & brown sugar
*china rain
*chocolate covered cherries,
chocolate fudge,
chocolate kisses,
chocolate milk
*christmas cookies,
christmas eve,
christmas nutcracker
cinnamon buns
*citrus mist special,
citrus sage
*clean cotton
*cookies N cream
*cotton blossom
*cotton candy
*cranberry marmalade,
cranberry orange
*cream cheese frosting
*cucumber melon
*downy lavander vanilla
*dragon's blood
*dream catcher
*elf sweat
*endless love
*fairy dust
*fall harvest
*french vanilla
*fresh pear
*fruit punch
*fruity rings (froot loops)
*fuzzy navel
*golden rose
*gran apple pear
*green tea
*hazelnut coffee
*holiday cheer,
holiday eggnogg,
holidays at home,
*hot cocoa
*hot fudge brownie
*jingle berry,
*juniper breeze
*key lime
lemon lime,
lemon meriengue pie
*lick me all over
*love spell (victoria secret scent)
*lucious cheesecake
*magnolia berry
*mango lassi
*maple sugar
*may bells
*merlot wine
*mid summer nights
*monkey farts (pina colada)
*moonlight path (bath and body scent)
*mountain maui apple
*mulled cider
*nag champa )incense)
*ocean mist
*orange dreamsicle
*passionate kisses
*patchouli (incense)
*peanut butter brownies
*pear spice
*pecan praline
*petit cheri
*pineapple upside down cake
*pink dreams,
pink sugar
*pumpkin pie
*rain forest
*reindeer poo
*root beer
*rose bouquet
*sage & citrus,
*season splendor,
*sex on the beach,
*sleigh ride,
*snow angels,
*spiced plum,
*spicy apples & nuts,
*strawberries & champagne (victoria secret scent), strawberry,
strawberry margarita,
strawberry musk,
strawberry shortcake,
*sun-ripened raspberry,
*sweet pea,
*three kings,
*toasted hazelnut,
*tropical coconut,
*tutti fruity,
vanilla bean,
vanilla crunch,
vanilla & fresh berries,
vanilla nutmeg,
vanilla passion,
vanilla velvet,
*victorian xmas,
*water lily,
*white oil tea & ginger,
*wild lilac,
*wildberry mousse,
*ylang ylang


Dominique said...

Yummy as always! What does "Lick me all over" smell like? lol

ModredVintage said...

Wow, you have some great scents to choose from. I'm getting hungry...

momokoanazia said...

^.^ looking forward to following yas

Creative Lily said...

Following your blog and twitter! I love the hot chocolate candle! :)

Giftbearer said...

Great giveaway! Following your blog.

Lady V said...

Following. Please follow me too, :) Thanks! LVS

saralup said...

yuor scent names rock!

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